Talent Mind Agency job vacancy

Talent Mind Agency job vacancy

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Talent Mind Agency, a firm dedicated to shaping the next generation of leaders in Digital Marketing, Software Development, and ERP Solutions is extending a personalized invitation to join their exclusive Fresh Grads Sales/ Functional / Development ERP Bootcamp.


 Here are the key details:


 - Duration: 2 to 3 months

 - Focus: Polishing technical and soft Sales/ Functional/ Development skills 

- Outcome: Potential internship opportunity, and Job at the company 

 - Duration: 3 months

 - Timing: Monday till Friday From 9-4 

 - Starting Date: 11 March 2024

 - Fields: Digital marketing, software development, ERP solutions 


 Talent Mind Agency believes in the power of diverse perspectives, and are seeking students from various disciplines including Sales, PR, digital marketing, Computer science, MIS, and business majors to participate in the boot camp. The goal is to bridge the gap between academic theory and industry demands, empowering students to thrive in their professional pursuits. 


Students who may benefit from this opportunity need to send their resumes or cvs to info@talent-minds.com.

 Talent Mind Agency

+961 3 954 864 / +961 76 753 686